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Vesuvio in the box

Twenty-two works, a series of short films, and a video installation on a 60-metre luminous wall, to tell about history and memories, legends and feelings from the volcano that has inspired thousands of artists. “Vesuvio in the box”, the multimedia exhibition scheduled until September 30th at the Virtual Archaeological Museum of Herculaneum is one of the great events of summer 2019 in Campania.
1940 years after the eruption destroying Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplonti and Stabia, the exhibition is marked by the unmistakable signature of the artist Gennaro Regina, manager of the Voyage Pittoresque Factory gallery in Naples. He has been able to blend the language of contemporary art with the technique of digital storytelling. The result is a box where visitors are conducted to observe the Vesuvius in all its forms. At some points, the volcano cone is immersed in wine bouquet, at other points it seems to emit a light smoke or violently erupt lava and lapillus, awakening ever changing emotions. “Rebirth” is the name of the installation that can be admired every day from 10 am to 6:30 pm: «The aim is to tell our audience how a territory can blossom again after being destroyed, thanks to people and culture – as explained by the artist Gennaro Regina – the rebirth does not depend on political strategies as much as on what people are able to do: that is what is happening in our land».