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Vera 1880, sail boat

She used to be a fishing boat, then a pleasure craft, and finally a venue for parties, meetings, cruises, and business events. “Vera” is the exclusive ketch that the Grand Hotel Cocumella lets to sea lovers. Launched with the name of Gjertrude Marie from the Danish shipyard of Svaneke, the lugsail boat was built in 1880 and enriched by the adventures of Scandinavian fishermen, who sailed across the Skagerrak channel and the North Sea. 25 years later, a first 4 horsepower engine was installed. In 1936 the boat was named “Vera” and, in 1956, it was turned into a pleasure craft in Svendborg. The oak wood hull and the sail plan were kept, while the interior part was added, and the teak deck was rebuilt. Thanks to a careful conservative restoration of the original craft, including hand stitched Duradon sails, manual handling with wooden pulleys, and a refined cabin, Vera combines the charm of her epoch with the reliability of Nordic sails. A rare legacy of seafarers’ art, Vera is today the most ancient and exclusive boat sailing the Mediterranean, also thanks to service quality and variety of uses.