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Tour through faith and nature

Would you like to follow the steps of Saint Antoninus through faith, nature and legend? Ask our guide Nino Aversa for two itineraries inspired by our patron saint.
The first starts from Mount Faito, where Antoninus retired with Saint Catellus in the VI century. An ancient path leads to the cave where they resided. It continues towards Conocchia and goes up to Mount Molare offering a breathtaking view, and then goes back to the main path. It can vary from 6 to 8 km, and it takes 3 or 4 hours. The second itinerary starts from Arola’s square, where a branch of “Saint Antoninus’ Oak” is visible. Here the Saint miraculously made water spring from the ground. The route takes Grottelle street, which led the Saint into the city, and then goes past pyroclastic rock portals and fruit and vegetable farms, winding up into a gorge with a view of the Sorrento Plain. Mediterranean vegetation surrounds the visitor until reaching the unique tuff buildings of  Meta. A 3km route to be covered in 3 hours.
Nino Aversa has a passion for his territory and history. He is a professional environmental guide, and his committment led him to organize thousands of excursions for tourists, residents and students. You can contact him by visiting the website, by calling the telephone number +393341161642, or through social networks: Instagram (nino.aversa) and Facebook (Nino Aversa guida escursionistica).