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Arturo Esposito Award

It is the great cultural festival of autumn. An event combining theatre and cinema, music and literature, attracting internationally renowned actors, singers, songwriters, poets, authors and journalists to the Coast. This year, once more, the Sorrento Peninsula Award – named after the poet Arturo Esposito – will entertain the audience with a cycle of events culminating in the gala soirée scheduled on October 26th at the Teatro delle Rose in Piano di Sorrento. At the end of September there will be more events in preparation of the awards, with the title “Waiting for the Award”. There is a lot of anticipation for the Music Award, whose protagonist was Roberto Vecchioni last year, and for the Youth Award, dedicated to communication and short films in honour of the documentary producer Ermanno Acanfora. The award ceremony will take place on October 26th, with a prestigious jury including the film director Luca Barbareschi, the jazz player Danilo Rea, the actress Francesca Cavallin, and the journalist Magdi Allam. The soirée, presented by the artistic director Mario Esposito, is an unmissable appointment among the events on the Coast, even for celebrities, who have come to Piano di Sorrento for years. Any example? The composer Nicola Piovani and the actor Fred Murray Abraham, both winners of Academy Awards.