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Chaste and delicious Sfogliatella

The land of Sirens is home to some of the most delectable pastries in the world, one of which was created four hundred years ago in the depths of the Santa Rosa Convent. The Sfogliatella Santa Rosa is the delectable shell-shaped pastry that decorates the displays of the best bakeries of the Campania region.
This traditional pastry was born in the Santa Rosa Convent on the Amalfi coast by the hands of the head nun in charge of the kitchen. Whether the nuns were inspired by the Holy Spirit or the need not to waste anything, they created the perfect recipe for the sfogliatella. The main ingredients they used were a bit of semolina, limoncello, dried fruit and sugar. It was Sfogliatella Santa Rosa in dedication of the monastery’s patron saint.
The nuns guarded the recipe of the Sfogliatella for over a hundred years, until a Neapolitan pastry chef was able to obtain the original recipe and modified it, creating a new version called Sfogliatella riccia. While this caused controversy over the true origins of the Sfogliatella, it is clear that the nuns were the first to master this sweet treat.
Today, bakeries across Italy sell the sinfully tasty pastry along with the sfogliatella riccia and a third version, the sfogliatella frolla. While all three types of sfogliatella are delicious, the sfogliatella Santa Rosa will always be the original pastry that gave birth to a different style of baking.
800 g of flour
300 g of butter
a pinch of salt
300 g of pastry cream
200 g of black cherry jam
2 egg yolks
powdered sugar

The recipe that the nuns of Santa Rosa created around the seventeenth century is the staple pastry of Campania. Sfogliatella Santa Rosa is the perfect dessert to prepare at home when you want the delicious pastry of the Sorrento peninsula. To begin making the puffy pastry, mix flour, butter, and a pinch of salt. After making the dough, roll it out using a rolling pin. Use a pastry cutter to cut round pieces of 10 cm in diameter. Then pour some of the cherry jam and some cream on half of the rounds. Fold the rounds by bringing the ends together with a little egg batter to seal the ends. Brush the surface of the dough with egg batter and place in the oven for about 30 minutes. Let the puffy pastry cool for a few minutes and then garnish it using a pastry bag for the icing. Finish off by sprinkling powdered sugar over sfogliatella. And now you can enjoy the sweet treat of the Campania region from the comfort of your own home with a delicious cup of cappuccino to accompany the fresh pastry.