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Only in Naples

«See Naples and then die», Goethe wrote. However, there are those who began to live after visiting it. That is the case of Katherine Wilson, who learned to abandon herself to beauty and happiness in Naples. The experience of the actress and voice-over artist, who arrived in Naples in 1996 for an internship, is the golden thread of the best seller “Only in Naples: Lessons in Food and Famiglia from My Italian Mother-In-Law” (Piemme Publishers). Katherine narrates that she has been “overwhelmed and transformed” by her arrival in Naples. After only six months in the city, she was able to turn from a girl who always stuck to the rules and sometimes was not able to accept herself, into a girl who embraced a joyful and enthusiastic lifestyle. Credit goes to Salvatore, a law student with whom she unexpectedly fell in love, and his mother Raffaella, who immediately welcomed her home as a daughter. The result is a hymn to life, a path to learn about happiness, and especially a picture of Naples as seen from the eyes of an American girl. It is a city where women cook delicious dishes, children live with their family until the age of 30, shopkeepers know every single client, and love shapes interpersonal relationships.

Title: Only in Naples
Author: Katherine Wilson
Publisher: Piemme
Pages: 300
Year: 2017
English version: Only in Naples