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Lost in the Spanish Quarter

Heddi is a young American enrolled on an international study programme at the Oriental Institute. Pietro is an aspiring geologist from the Irpinia province. Their romance is set in a genuine and melancholic Naples, swarming with enthusiastic students and sprawling with decaying buildings. Naples is the real protagonist of “Lost in the Spanish Quarter”, the autobiographical novel recently published in Italy by Heddi Goodrich. It is also going to be available in English in July.
The volume goes through the ten years that Heddi has spent in Naples: not a quick tour of folklore, but rather a full immersion in the city, its language and its dialect. She is accompanied by a group of students whose sparkle is able to liven a building up in the old town, which bears witness of the ancient grandeur of Naples. The result is a novel written in perfect Italian. Far from the outdated chromolithograph atmosphere that often contaminates literature dedicated to Naples, the style draws a terrific and fascinating picture of the city. Naples is stimulating and never trivial, full of beauty and poetry, but it is still able to chase, blackmail and force its youths to flee.

Title: Lost in the Spanish Quarter
Authoress: Heddi Goodrich
Publisher: Editore Giunti
Pages: 462
Year: 2019 English version: available from July 2019