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Following the footsteps of style

Craftsmen’s workshops, typical boutiques and renown tailor shops: Sorrento’s charm does not only lie in dreamlike beaches and trails on the hills, crystal clear waters and breathtaking panoramas, but also, and above all, in the historic town centre. Here you can breathe the history and understand the multiple facets of human and artistic sensitivity that can be found in every clothing item, accessory and work of art that has the unmistakable brand of Sorrento. That is the reason why we have chosen not to propose the classical mountain route, but rather an urban trekking to discover our city lanes. An unmissable stop is Marina Grande with its fisherman: even though they are busy mending their nets, they will not deny you a word or greeting sign, to introduce you to the history and secrets of the place that is a symbol of Sorrento. It was no coincidence that the director Dino Risi chose this district in 1955 as the set of the film “Scandal in Sorrento”, with Sophia Loren and Vittorio De Sica: from then on, the harmony of shapes and colours, the checked tablecloths used in local restaurants and the ready wit of the inhabitants made Marina Grande a Sorrento icon. Walking uphill and passing the ancient door of the city, you can enter the historic town centre and walk along via dell’Accademia and via San Nicola, where you can find the last exponents of marquetry. It is an artistic expression consisting in creating landscapes, portraits and decorations by inlaying furniture with thin pieces of woods of different colours, alternating them with pieces of ivory and mother-of-pearl or embellishing them with stones and metals. This technique flourished in the XIX century, and extraordinary examples of it remain in the Inlaid Wood Museum and in the craftsmen’s worshops spread among the historic town centre. From via dell’Accademia to via San Cesareo and corso Italia right in the old centre, you can stop at the many clothes and accessories shops that make Sorrento a highly appreciated destination for shopping lovers. Among colours and perfumes, fabrics and gemstones, you can be surrounded by craftsmanship, fusion among different styles and elegance, expressing the timeless charm of the coastal city.

Sorrento Style #3