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Coku Robata Grill

A place where Japanese and Sorrento cuisine are combined – Here is Coku, the first robata restaurant in Italy, opened in 2009 inside the Grand Hotel Cocumella in Sant’Agnello. Lionello Del Papa had the intuition during a journey to the Orient, from where he decided to import robata, a three-layer grill that allows food to be cooked slowly. Since then, the Coku has progressively and relentlessly evolved: from a restaurant sticking to a strict Japanese tradition, to a location where the oriental atmosphere mingles with Mediterranean cuisine. Thus, the products of the Cocumella vegetable garden are creamed together using the methods of Japanese tradition, pasta and gnocchi are enriched with typical ingredients and cooking styles from the Land of the Rising Sun, and different varieties of carpaccio are created.
The Coku kitchen has then been enriched with the tandoori, a clay oven where meat and fish are put on a long straight sword-like piece of metal and cooked on stone. The result is a restaurant where innovative cuisine can be experimented, while enjoying a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Naples.