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Campania in twenty liqueurs

They smell of typical products, and of the warm and familiar welcome characterizing Campania. Homemade liqueurs have always been the welcome drink reserved to guests. It is a way to celebrate the pleasure of being together  with local taste and traditions. Apart from limoncello, the lemon liqueur whose invention is claimed by the Sorrento Peninsula, Capri and the Amalfi Coast, Campania boasts at least other 20 drinks characterized by a moderate alcoholic strength and deriving from products of authentic excellence. Any example? The nanassino, obtained from the prickly pears growing on the rocks of the Amalfi Coast and Cilento. The delicious fruits were picked and sold by teenagers for a very low price in the 50ies. Later on, they were used to produce the rosolio that would be served on special occasions. Then, there is cider, with its taste of Annurca apples from Caserta or Matese pears, a legacy of the Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultures that animated the Mediterranean over the centuries. The mandarin liqueur is typical from Campi Flegrei. It is family-produced and given as a gift at parties. The Salerno province produces the fennel liqueur sold by tens of craftsmen’s workshops. Finally, there is the black truffle ‘gem’ of Irpinia, and the white fig balsamic vinegar from Cilento, used as a dressing, plus ‘nectar’ of other kinds, all sharing the smell of home and the taste of hospitality.