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Beauty close at hand

«The Sorrento Coast is a magical place: I have grown here, and some of my most cherished memories are connected to this place»: Veronica Maya answers our questions in one of the rare breaks between her artistic commitments. The girl who used to serve at the bar of Villa Fondi in Piano di Sorrento at the beginning of the 90ies is today a renowned actress and TV presenter. But she has never broken the bond with her land.
What kind of bond do you have with the Coast?
«Strong, authentic, intense. Full credit goes to my dad Raffaele and my mum Eleonora, who taught me to appreciate the charm of places and traditions. And to my grandma Marcella, who made our family days unforgettable, among her pastiera and casatiello desserts. »
Is there a special bond between you and a specific place?
«In my heart, I carry the Pizzo estate, Villa Fondi, the Maiano old town with a world-famous ceramic artist like Marcello Aversa, and the tuff rock caves admired by Goethe. The place of my soul, however, is Marina di Cassano, where I was raised and where my father used to manage a restaurant: I remember taking my first steps on the cliffs, swimming, diving from the caves, playing table football, eating mozzarella and tomato sandwiches with oil and basil next to the fishermen. Then, my first romances, my friend Mary, and my wedding with Marco. For me, Marina di Cassano is all these things.»
Do you often come back to the Sorrento Coast?
«Every time I can. My husband loves these places as much as I do, and my children feel at home here. What’s more, despite their young age, they already carry the memory of people, experiences and emotions. I am proud that I passed my feelings on to them, because I used to live here intensely and light-heartedly.»
Would you come back to live here?
«I do not disregard that option. The Sorrento Coast is the epitome of beauty, and is available to everybody. You can eat a sandwich on the cliffs or treat yourself to a gourmet dinner. You can take a walk on a trail or stay at a luxury hotel. Whichever option you choose, emotions are always in store.»